Online Coaching

My Philosophy. My Purpose. The Journey.
The Enjoyment. The Startline.

I am hugely passionate about helping others achieve their running aspirations. I pride myself on getting to know each client both as a person and as an athlete. I work with you to help you to become the best athlete you can be. Providing you with the tools and the strength so come race day you can stand on the line knowing and understanding your body like never before.


Following a detailed discussion I provide a clear, balanced and structured programme to help you work towards your goals.

I take the stress out of things when you ask the question ‘what should I do today?’ Each session has a reason and purpose and is a piece of the jigsaw in making you a better athlete. I take the effort out of your run planning, so all your focus can go on your training and getting on with the rest of your life!

The plan ensures a balance between challenging sessions and recovery. I understand that life gets in the way of training and I encourage athletes to provide a detailed dialogue of their sessions so we can alter and adapt as needed throughout the week.


Alongside your running schedule I also provide strength and conditioning guidance which we incorporate into your plan. Strength work helps you not only to be a better runner, but to develop resilience to injury and enable you to consistently run strong and well. I also believe that the movement of strength work helps you to understand how your body works, any particular weaknesses and to learn to listen to your body, which is so vitally important to successful ultra running.


I have a family and understand the differing needs of athletes both female and male when young children are in the mix. I have helped many female runners come back to running after having babies and also helped many new Dads fit in running to their family schedules!